Hotel Barba Lá a magical place

                                              COMBARBALÁ HOTEL BARBA LÁ

Founded on November 30, 1789, with the name of "Villa de San Francisco de Borja de Combarbalá" by Don Ambrosio O'Higgins.

Combarbalá is located in an arid plain that reaches the mountain range. The square has old trees and is the meeting point for civic events in the city. The Church was founded in 1757 and is located in the heart of the town.

How to get there by car from Santiago, take route 5 north to 355 km and then turn off on Route D-71 that takes us to the town of Canela, from Las Canelas Combarbalá is 59.7 km.

How to get there by bus from Santiado, take San Borjas Buses Combarbalá terminal.