3 days - 2 nights

Arqueo Astro photography Limarí
A combination of petroglyphs and starry skies

Get the best nocturnal photos, learn about the ancestral cultures that inhabited the Coquimbo Region and understand how they used astronomy to determine the key events of their lives.

You will discover an archaeological site with incredible petroglyphs of enigmatic shapes, which is the best preserved legacy in the area and had a sacred connotation for the original peoples of the time. This archaeological site provokes reverence to those who contemplate this ancestral gift of more than 2 thousand years ago years attributed to the Molle, Ánima and Diaguita cultures.

In this place -Don Gabriel Tapia- will receive you, a traditional animal breeder who discovered in the 90's this treasure on his property and from that moment he devoted himself to studying the subject until he became an expert in archaeoastronomy.

4 Days - 3 Nights

An authentic destination that you must discover

Limarí corresponds to one of the most untamed places in the Coquimbo region and only 352 km north of Santiago is Combarbalá, an unknown, authentic destination that surprises visitors with its nature, astronomy, national stone crafts and ancestral culture.

During this experience you will learn about the legacies left by our ancestral cultures and you will share with the local people who will open their doors to teach you their work and lifestyles.


  • Archaeoastronomic Experience Rincón Las Chilcas.
  • Experiencia Arqueo Astrofotográfica en Rincón Las Chilcas.
  • Dinner under the Stars in Rincón Las Chilcas.
  • Bike Tour (bicycle and helmet) in Combarbalá and Combarbalita Mine Experience.
  • Astronomical experience in Cruz del Sur Observatory and tasting of local products and snacks.